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The Lord of Light

Hey hey!
According to this image, Bran is doing SOMETHING very bold & important in the end to stop the Night King. I imagined this as it's the last thing Night King sees. I really can't tell what Bran is doing to stop him yet, since I'm planning to show my ending for the NK with my last image for this series of images.But I imagine, what Bran is doing is making his mind and the Night King's to come together in a desperate moment.And with this climax, the Weirwood Trees're starting to burn to the ground while two champions are neutralizing each other. Night King vanishes while red weirwood leaves catches fire by a blue blaze, and Bran becomes an entity whose words echoed through space and time along generations. His presence continues in a different form? Since I'm not revealing my ending for the NK yet, I guess you guys may not agree with me, but I think during "the process" Bran transforms into something which is the origin of "the Lord of Light". Crazy, right?

Ertac altinoz the lord of light