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Do You Drink Wine?

"The disgraced daughter and the demon monkey. We're perfect for each other." -Tyrion Lannister

Hey hey!
Whenever I think about Tyrion, I immediately think about Sansa, too. Actually, this is the very first image I ever dreamed of creating as a GoT fan art (-alongside my "Chaos Is A Ladder" piece back at the days I started creating Game of Thrones pieces)
Finally, it's time to show you guys my hopeful ending for Tyrion and Sansa- at least with tv show. Yeap, I want to believe they will both survive the Long Night Vol.2 and yeap after I think they will rule together. At Winterfell? At Casterly Rock? Or they rule Seven(?) Kingdoms...
You choose!

Hope you guys like it.

Ertac altinoz do you drink wine