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No Time Left

As you all know the final chapter on the epic saga "The Walking Dead" from TellTale Games is about to release.

And here is a little tribute for their hard work from me. I found so much fun in the originals and looking forward to see the next season.

Everybody is curious about the ending, I know. Lets see...

Lee saves Clem.
Lilly gets back.
Kenny gets bitten by Clem`s mother and he dissappears.
Everyone else is dead.
Lee, Clem and Lilly manage to bring the boat to the ferry with the van.
Lee sacrifices himself for Clem and Lilly to keep them safe.
Lilly took the little girl with her to Woodbury. (!)

And Clem gives Lilly`s dog, the name "Lee".

Not a happy ending but it is how it is. It`s hard to imagine some picnic time in a zombie apocalypse.

I hope you like my ending :)))
Lets wait and see what happens on the original`s release date.

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