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A man is just giving start to a new Game of Thrones fan art series of his: Valar Morghulis!
This time, we'll do it more interactively. This man will release a portrait everyday on his Instagram Profile. And you guys will lead him to the end.
The first comment under each post "with a suitable character suggestion" will do the trick. He'll post a new portrait at same hour everyday. ⏰ 11:00 AM - Nevada| USA ⏰
Be the first one to comment with giving this man a name (For Exp. "Ser Barristan Selmy" or " Walder Frey" etc...) You'll receive that character you named as a wight, or as a corpse -if they burned in the show- the next day.
This man will feature you guys in the comments section whom suggested those artworks everyday, too. You know, he has to serve the many faced God,too. :P
RULES and Instructions, here----->

Have fun!

Ertac altinoz summer by ertacaltinoz daastjo